Dear our valued customers, you deserve the most amazing services, and Twinkle Nails & Spa thrives to fulfill your expectations, to do so, we have some loving messages to you: 

You Are Our Priority 

All tools are single-used and kept with utmost sanitation. However, in some cases, we need the special notice from you about any heath conditions that require the extra care. Furthermore, the prices are informed and upcharge for the add-ons. And the services will only be delivered once you approve it. 

You Are Loved 

We guarantee the repairing within 5 days after the services for you. Kindly bring along the receipt so we are able to know the details of your nail condition. 

On-Time Appointments 

Please note that the deposit is required for any appointments. 

Your presence is our biggest prize so to ensure the service is fully taken care of, and we hope to you see on time. For any late show up 15 mins, we would like to cancel the appointment. Also, the last-minute appointments would be rescheduled to the next day.  

Payment/ Refunds 

Kindly know that refunds are not progressed under any circumstances. 

Any services that need the extra care or off the vibe, please contact our manager right away for immediate support. Other payment methods than cards, cash, gift cards or app would not go through. 


Pets are cute and we love them. In the nail spa setting, your safety is first. Kindly let your cute buddies such as hamsters, dogs, cats at home due to the risk of allergy of other customers.